IEEE Student Chapter Seminar:  “GaN-based Nanocolumn Emitters

and Related Technologies”, Katsumi Kishino


Thursday, April 5, 2012 / 2-3:30pm


Dr. Katsumi Kishino

Sophia University



The problem of multi-color emission of

the InGaN-based nanocolumn LEDs was solved by

selective area growth (SAG) technique. Imploying

the GaN nanocolumn arrays, green LED and

near-infrared (1.46µm) LED were demonstrated

The monolithic integration of green and orange

emissions nanocolumn LEDs on the same GaN

template was successfully obtained (Fig.l)



Katsumi Kishino is a professor in the Department

ofElectrical and Electronics Engineering, Sophia University,

Tokyo. He is conducting the research on nitride semiconductors

by rf-lv.IBE including GaNbased nanocolumn, nan-devices and

InN related materials, and on novel II-VI compounds on InP

substrates and related yellow-green emitters Dr. Kishino is a

fellow of the Japan Society of Applied Physics, a fellow of the

Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication

Engineers (IEICE) of Japan, and a senior member of IEEE


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Chaptor Advisor:

Prof. Shin-Tson Wu