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[06-08-2016] SID& IEEE Joint Seminar: “Light Extraction of OLED Display by Microstructured Film Attachment” By Dr. Jiun-Haw Lee

[05-20-2016] SID& IEEE Joint Seminar “Light emission from liquid crystal and quantum rods” By Prof. Kristiaan Neyts

[02-25-2016] IEEE Distinguished Lecture: “Quantum Nonlinear Optics: Nonlinear Optics Meets the Quantum World” by Prof. Robert Boyd


[06-05-2014] IEEE Distinguished Lecture “Integrated Microwave Photonics”, Dr. José Capmany.

[05-30-2014] SID& IEEE Joint Seminar “Liquid Crystals for Smart Antennas and other Microwave Applications”, Dr. Michael Wittek.

[04-01-2014] IEEE Distinguished Lecture “The National Ignition Facility and the Pursuit of Star Power on Earth”, Dr. Christopher Barty.

 [03-27-2014] IEEE Distinguished Lecture “Nonlinear Optics with Bessel Beams in Fibers”, Dr. Siddharth Ramachandran.

[01-10-2014] IEEe Distinguished Lecture “The High Value of the Entrepreneurial”, Dr. Andrea Wesser.


[12-10-2013] IEEE Distinguished Lecture “30 Years of Photonic Startups in Academia and Industry”, Dr. Simon Poole.

[11-08-2013] IEEE Distinguished Lecture “Organic Electronics: A solution to our energy challenges”, Prof. Franky So.

[10-11-2013] IEEE Distinguished Lecture “Photonics enables a microscope in a needle for imaging deep in tissue”, Prof. David. D. Sampson.

[3-15-2013]  IEEE Distinguished LecturePolarization in Fiber Optics “, Prof. Lianshan Yan

[3-14-2013]  IEEE Distinguished LectureUltra High Capacity Optical Transmission Systems “, Prof. Andrew Ellis

[1-15-2013]  S-PAC Seminar: “Engineering Career Strategies”, Butch Shadwell


[11-15-2012]  IEEE Student Chapter Seminar: “How to Prepare to be A Faculty”, Prof. Mercedeh Khajavikhan

[9-21-2012]  Visit Dr. Su Ming’s Nanoscience Lab (Pictures: 1, 2)

[8-31-2012]  SID-IEEE Student Chapter Seminar: "Soft Matter: from Plasmonics to Optofluidics", Luciano De Sio

[4-5-2012]  Company tour at Beam Co.

[4-5-2012]  IEEE Distinguished Speaker:” GaN-based Nanocolumn Emitters and Related Technologies”- Katsumi Kishino


[12-5-2011]  IEEE Distinguished Speaker:”NanoSilicon NanoPhotonics”-L. Pavesi

[05-21-2011] Astronomy Day at Dr. Dare's Lab, Orlando Science Center (pictures 1,2,3,4,5)

[04-27-2011] IEEE distinguished lecturer: "III-V Quantum Structures for Infrared Detection"  by Dr. Gunapala


[11-09-2010] Company tour at Gooch&Housego (pictures 1,2,3,4,5,6,7)

[10-08-2010] Observing LASIK surgery at LASIK PLUS (pictures 1,2 3)

[10-01-2010] Invited lecturer: "Adaptive Photonic Phase-Locked Elements (APPLE)" by Dr. Terry Dorschner (pictures 1, 2, 3, 4)

[06-16-2010] Invited lecturer: "Towards Robust and Reconfigurable Optical Communication Systems" by Dr. Alan Willner

[04-27-2010] IEEE distinguished lecturer: "Optical Isolator: Application to Photonic Integrated Circuits"  by Dr. Tetsuya Mizumoto 

[04-23-2010] IEEE distinguished lecturer: "Optical and Electronic Signal Processing for Fiber-Optic Communications" by Dr. John Cartledge  

[04-13-2010] IEEE distinguished lecturer: "Photonic Band Gap Materials: Light Trapping Crystals" by Dr. Sajeev John 

[03-17-2010] Invited lecturer: "Nanolasers

 with Wires and Plasmonic Shells: How Small Can They Be?

" by Cun-Zheng Ning (pictures 1, 2)

[03-12-2010] Invited lecturer: "Strategic Innovation For Optical Fiber Communications" by Tingye Li (pictures 1, 2, 3, 4)

[03-01-2010] Invited lecturer:  "Liquid Microlenses and Their Biomedical Applications" by Dr.Hongrui Jiang (pictures 1, 2, 3, 4)

[02-05-2010] Invited lecturer: "Patterns on Beetles and Butterflies: Origins of their color and Patterns" by Dr.Mohan Srinivasarao


[09-25-2009] IEEE distinguished lecturer:  "Fiber-optic quantum communications and information processing" by Dr. Prem Kumar

[11-12-2009] IEEE Orlando Section Annual Awards Banquet

[03-30-2009] IEEE LEOS becomes IEEE Photonics Society (detail infos)

[02-09-2009]  "Coupling dynamics in semiconductor lasers and applications to self-mixing interferometry and chaotic cryptography" by Dr. Silvano Donati

[01-23-2009]  LEOS CREOL Student Chapter General Meeting (Open to Public)


[05-14-2008] "All-Optical Control of Light in Photonic Crystals" by Masaya Notomi

[04-04-2008] "Compact High Repetition Rate Soft X-Ray Lasers: A Doorway to High Intensity Coherent Soft X-Ray Science on a Table-top" by Jorge J. Rocca

[02-13-2008] "Many-body effects in semiconductor lasers"


[10-26-2007]   "Recent progress in optical science and high field physics research in APRI"-Dr. Do-Kyeong Ko

[10-25-2007]  "Advanced Design Tools for Passive and Active Optoelectronics"    by  RSoft Design Group, Inc.

[10-21-2007]  "20 th Annual Meeting IEEE LEOS " at  Buena Vista Resort & Spa   Lake Buena Vista, Florida