The UCF IEEE Photonics Society is hosting a Demo Design Competition to encourage undergraduate and graduate stu-dents to design and build creative demonstrations that showcase some aspect of optics. Design and build up your own eye-catching demonstration that will encourage young students to pursue STEM careers. Demos will be used during STEM Day, Optics Day and other outreach programs! This is a great chance for you to enhance your knowledge, develop teamwork skills, build something cool and create a positive impact in our community! Your design will be demonstrated in CREOL lobby with your name for years. And the prize will certainly highlight your resume in the job market!


  1. Each team consists of 2-5 people (Open to both graduates and undergraduates).
  2. Each team is expected to submit a technical proposal of its demonstration by Friday, Dec. 14th, 2017. The pro-posal should include the following parts (template provided here)
  • Names of team members& point of contact
  • Description of the scientific phenomenon / technology
  • Technical description of the system set-up
  • Detailed budget of the parts to be purchased
  1. IEEE committee will evaluate the designs on creativity, feasibility, stability and cost-efficiency to select up to three teams for the build-up stage.
    The feedback shall be sent on Dec 19th, 2017 through email.
  2. Each selected team will receive up to $500 sponsorship and have three months (January to March 2018) to build the demonstration.
    The amount of sponsorship depends on the budget listed in the proposal and is not for personal use.
  3. The final winners will be determined by industry judges and students on Optics Day (April 2018).

Awards: $200 for the winning team; $50 for functional demos from second/third place teams.

What are you waiting for? Form your team and sign up now! Please send the title of your demonstration, team leader name/department/contact information to Zheyuan Zhu (, or fill out the online form below.


Feedback for proposals

Build-up section

Demonstration day:


Dec 19th, 2018

January to March 2019

April 5th, 2019

Online proposal form:


PRESIDENT – Chenyi Zhang


TREASURER – Lawrence Trask

SECRETARY – Juan Carlos Alvarado Zacarias

WEBMASTER – Sandy Cline


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